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Monday, January 21 2019
Where will Queensland's population growth be?

Queensland’s population is expected to hit 5.789 million by 2027 and 6.693 million by 2042.

Currently sitting at just over 5 million that means nearly 800,000 people (or nearly 89,000 a year) over the next 9 years.

The question is where will this additional population live? Which areas will experience the fastest rates of growth? And where will the job opportunities emerge? 

These type of insights can greatly assist investment decisions. And are just some of factors we consider when weighing up a property investment strategy for a client.

But property investment isn't just about where the opportunities are. It also requires an approach that properly considers your current circumstances and your future plans. 

As many investors have found just jumping in the market and hoping is not a sustainable strategy.

Right now I am opening up my calendar for a FREE telephone appointment to discuss how you can kick-start a sustainable investment plan in 2019. So book in a time today. Click here to go to my calendar now.

I look forward to talking with you

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