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Tuesday, January 30 2018
Modest rise in National House Prices

According to MacQuarie Bank it is now looking very likely that housing prices at the national level are again rising modestly.

After seasonal adjustment, monthly growth in APM's measure of capital city dwelling prices has picked up modestly in recent months. And CoreLogic's data to mid-January shows a clear improvement in seasonally adjusted dwelling price growth, with the caveat that sales volumes in January are very low.

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Monday, January 29 2018

There are some life stage considerations involved in answering this question specifically. But for the sake of this discussion...

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Thursday, January 25 2018

The short answer is YES. It is possible to have a negatively geared property that completely pays for itself.

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Thursday, January 25 2018

Do you know where your financial future is heading? Do you know if you will be able to maintain your current lifestyle when you stop full time work?

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Monday, January 15 2018

Units are often a popular choice for first time investors as they are at a lower price point than houses for the same location and on the surface, can appear to offer better returns.

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