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Friday, August 07 2015

The landscape for investment lending is changing and like most things there will ultimately be winners and losers. The key to coming out on the right side of the equation is to seek advice and get a solid understanding of your options. Contact us for an obligation free asessment.

If you adopt the she'll be right approach and stick your head in the sand then you could find yourself in trouble. The changes occuring are as significant as those during the GFC. Some of the key changes we have seen so far are as follows:

  • A number of lenders including AMP pulling out of investment lending altogether
  • Lenders only financing up to 80% for investment property
  • Lenders increasing interest rates for investment and interest only lending
  • Increased restrictions for SMSF lending
  • Increase restrictions to overseas and foreigh investors
  • Increased restrictions on development funding

As we have mentioned previously those most at risk are off the plan unit purchasers, partcularly those with small deposits or little in the way of equity.

But of course changing conditions also present opportunities both in terms of opportunities to imrpove your finance structure and opportunities to invest.

We expect improved interest rate pricing for home lending and some opportunities to imrprove overall pricing with the correct structure.

Contact us for an obligation free assessment. 

and how to structure your finance  

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