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Tuesday, December 02 2014

(SOURCE: First Home Buyer)

The latest Finder Reserve Bank Survey, with 37 experts on the panel, has found that a rise in property prices is largely expected to occur next year.

Money Expert at Finder, Michelle Hutchison, said that this is bad news for first home buyers who are already struggling.

“If you’re a first home buyer struggling to get into the property market this year, next year isn’t looking to get any better,” she said.

Of those surveyed, 69% expect the price gains to continue.

“There were also 14% of respondents who expect property prices to stabilise, while 17% are betting on property prices to fall next year,” she said.

While it isn’t necessarily expected to improve, it may not worsen too much either.

“Most of the experts in the survey are expecting property prices to continue rising however, they don’t expect the higher costs will dramatically impact the first home buyer market,” she said.

The majority, 64%, expect the level of first home buyers active in the market to remain similar to this year, with one in five expecting fewer people will be able to enter market.

“With the national median property price across our capital cities hitting $545,000 in October – 8.9% higher than the previous year – it’s a good time to jump into the property market if you are prepared,” said Hutchison.

“But there’s no point in rushing in you’re not ready, because overstretching your budget could have serious consequences if interest rates rise next year.”

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