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Move your shares into super and save tax

With the end of the financial year looming, investors will be overwhelmed with tips to help them reduce their tax.

Some tax strategies require a personal superannuation contribution, but now you may be able to take advantage of these strategies even if you don't have the ready cash.

Where you have invested in shares, for example through a Telstra float, then you may be able to move them into your superannuation fund.

Superannuation is the most tax effective way to save for retirement.  The main benefit of moving your shares into super is the low tax environment - investment earnings inside Super are taxed at a maximum of 15% instead of up to 48.5% outside super.  This benefit is very substantial, and increases with time. Your investment capital will grow much faster, and the additional contributions will help build your share portfolio within the tax-favoured super environment.

If you act by 30 June, however, this strategy can earn you additional tax benefits such as:

·         a tax deduction, if you are substantially self employed; or

·         be eligible for the Government Superannuation Co-Contribution (if your income is below $58,000); or

·         if you contribute the shares to a super fund for your low income spouse, a tax rebate of up to $540.

You can't move shares into just any super fund. You will need a super fund in a master fund with a direct share facility, such as The Portfolio Service available through Bridges or other financial planning groups.

Certainly you may be liable for capital gains tax if the shares have risen in value, but this will quickly be offset by the tax benefits gained.

You should speak to a Professional Financial Adviser before 30 June, who will assist you to maximise the benefits of holding your shares for the longer term.

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