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Level 5 water restrictions

By Tamara Dalziel from Complete Property Centre rentals@completegroup.net.au


Residents across South East Queensland are now being asked to make significant water savings inside the home.


Previously water consumption was asked to be lowered to 180 litres per day per head and that has now been reduced to 140 litres per day per head.


As per the Residential Tenancies Act, tenants are able to be charged for excess water.  Under the Act, excess water is deemed to have occurred if tenants use over "a reasonable amount of water" and only if the property is separately metered.  Obviously under these new water restrictions, reasonable water usage amounts have dropped.


At the beginning of any new tenancy or re-newal of an existing tenancy, a ‘reasonable water' usage level should be disclosed to the tenants, so they are aware of their water limitations.


It also pays to give the tenants a copy of the water usage for the property when you receive your water rates, so they are aware of the amount of water they are using. 


It is the tenant's responsibility to advise the agent of any water leaks at the property ie: running toilets, dripping taps or hot water systems, etc.  These should also be picked up during regular routine inspections carried out by your agent and attended to for added savings.


The following water restrictions apply under Level 5 and should be given to every tenant at the beginning of a tenancy -


Gardens - can only be watered using buckets or watering cans and only between 4pm to 7pm on your watering days.  ODD - Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.  EVEN - Wednesday, Friday and Sunday.


Vehicles - only the use of a bucket of water is to be used and only to spot clean windows, mirrors, lights and number plates and potentially damaging marks.


Pools - Only to be re-filled as a last resort and only if there is a rainwater tank or downpipe rainwater diverter fitted at the property, along with 3 of the following water saving devices.  *  Pool cover, * Water efficient taps and showerheads, * Water efficient toilet, * Water efficient washing machine.


There are a number of water rebates offered by the state and local governments for the installation of water saving devices.  You can contact the Local Government Water Rebate Scheme on 1800 243 585 or our office on (07) 3257 2500 for more information.