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Routine Inspections - Why Are They Necessary?

By Tamara Dalziel from Complete Property Centre rentals@completegroup.net.au


Both tenants and landlords often ask why we conduct so many routine inspections every year.  Carrying out regular inspections is crucial in protecting owners' investments and their financial wellbeing, as well as protecting tenants' safety.


The majority of clients think that routine inspections are only used to check how the tenants are maintaining the property, this is important; however, it is only the tip of the iceberg.


We also -


* Advise the owner of any repairs and/or maintenance that may be required.

* Suggest any future renovations or improvements that can increase the market value of their investment.

* And most importantly, ensure the property is safe for the tenant to live in.


Our visual inspections include checking the following items -


* That the property is secure including all doors, pool gates and fences.

* That there are no leaks from sinks, showers or hot water systems.

* That there are no loose power points or light fittings.

* That there are no tears or ripples in the carpet.

* That all balcony railings are secure.

* That all steps and floorboards are secure.

* That gutters and downpipes are secure and clean.


Property managers have a duty to all tenants that the property is well maintained and safe for them to reside in we also understand that we are often the only person to inspect the property on the owners behalf and acknowledge the responsibility to keep owners up to date on the condition of their property.


Underestimating the importance of conducting regular inspections can be a costly and stressful mistake.  Ensure that your property is being inspected regularly and that photos are provided so you can see the condition of the property for yourself.


For more information regarding routine inspections or any other property management issue, please contact our office on (07) 3257 2500.