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Have to save thousands on your next car

There's nothing like the smell of a new car. But before you get to drive off in your new set of wheels there's the time consuming process of shopping around, negotiating on the price, and haggling to get those little extras. And at the end of it all you still drive away wondering if you really did get a good deal.


If you want to save yourself the hassle and potentially thousands of dollars on your next purchase, then you should consider talking to Karz. Karz is a vehicle buying service that acts on your behalf to negotiate the best purchase price, arrange test drives, finance, provide trade-in valuations and arrange delivery of your car. The service is available for both new and used vehicles. And best of all there is no cost to the purchaser.


Karz founder Angela Haigh recognized that a single buyer has little room to negotiate when they are just buying one car, but when they use Karz they are able to take advantage of amazing bulk buying power. "Why go into a car dealer and buy a car as a single purchaser when you can tap into bulk buying power.  Our client's contract is still with the dealer so warranty and everything else is still the same, it's just the purchase price that changes plus the time saving. And all that is needed is a phone call to us" said Angela.


"Because we live and breathe the industry every day, we know all the tricks that dealers can use, and what price can really be achieved for a vehicle. It's not unusual for us to better a price on the exact vehicle that a client has already negotiated on. In some case we have come in thousands of dollars below what they could achieve." said Angela.


Another advantage is that Karz source vehicles from all over Australia. "It might be the case that the best deal for a buyer in Brisbane is in Sydney, even once transport costs are included" said Angela.


 "The price we negotiate with the dealer is the price the client receives. We receive a small fee from the dealer for introducing the business. The whole process is completely transparent for the client", said Angela.


With its level of professionalism and the results Karz achieves it's not surprising that the bulk of Karz business come from referral from existing clients.  


For more information call Karz on  07 3852 3690 or email admin@karz.com.au