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Duplexes are 2 fully self-contained units or house. There is generally no restriction on the size and format for each dwelling. Typically, either a 2 x 2 or 3 x 3 bedroom format. Duplexes will typically start like on one title but have the option of being subdivided which provides the option to sell one or both units seperately. This is often a strategy used by investors to manufacture capital as the sum of each part ends up being greter than the whole. Resulting in capital growth and profit within a shorter time frame than relaying on market forces alone. 

Like to find out more about Duplex Properties and if they would be a suiatbale option for you then book in a call with me for an initial chat. Simply click here to go straight to my calendar to make a time. 

I look forward to being of help.

Greg Carroll
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