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Credit difficulties?

If your credit history or your requirements don't fit traditional lender guidelines, then ask us about a range of solutions that are outside the nine dots.


We can turn no into yes

Just because one lender says no doesn't mean you can't get a home loan somewhere else. We have access to a range of lenders that are prepared to assess each application on its merits. Below are just some of the situations where we can help:

-          Impaired credit history including bankruptcy

-          Contract or part-time workers

-          Older applicants

-          Large debt consolidations

-          Business finance

-          New business funding

-          No financial statements/Lo Document loans

-          Employment instability

-          Unusual deposit sources

-          Recently arrived immigrants

-          Company and Trustee applicants


Affordable solutions

In most cases you will still be able to access very competitive rates, generally starting at about 0.5% above standard home loan rates.


Like to know more contact us or complete our Loan Assessment Form to find out what options are available.