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40 Year Interest Only Loan

***This is game changer for property investors***

  • No more rollovers to P&I
  • No More reviews
  • No more applications

A major frustration for property investors is having to reset their interest only investment loan every 5 years.

If you have an investment loan you would be aware that most lenders only allow an interest only period of 5 years. After that it automatically converts to principal and interest repayments. Which can see your repayments jump by 20-30%.

The only way to get your loan back on interest only is to go through the whole application process again with your current lender or try to refinance.

Given the series of rate rises we have experienced this has become very difficult for many investors.

The beauty of this loan is the IO period is 40 years. No reviews. No need to make additional payments. At expiry you can either pay the loan out from super or other funds or sale of the property.

This means you have extra cash for other things like paying down your home loan, putting extra money into super, or even funds for another investment.